I'm a recent Marketing graduate from Plymouth University and looking to offer my knowledge and expertise to small businesses in order for them to grow.

I pride myself on keeping it simple and offering relevant advice to those who need it. Marketing doesn't need to cost the world, but it is essential to any business - no matter the size.

Keep it Simple.

Many believe that marketing is something that costs loads with little results. I'd like to challenge that and say that it doesn't cost as much as you may think - only if you have the foundations in place. There are loads of cheap short-term solutions you can do to drive customers but creating a long-lasting brand is the fun part and most rewarding.

What logo are you using? How will customers perceive you? Do you look friendly and reliable? You need to consider what makes your business any different to your competitors and showcase this to your customers.


Who are your ideal customers? What are they looking for? How are they looking for your services? It's key that you look from their perspective, would you use your business if you were in their shoes? If not, why?

Logo & Branding

Do you need support with creating a specific logo and look for your brand? Customer's need to perceive you to be trustworthy and most importantly good at what you do.

Social Media

Need inspiration for what channels to be active on? and what content your audience wants to see? I can help you understand the benefits of the popular social channels.


Do you have a central place where people can find out everything they need to know and how to reach you? Is it easy to reach and find what you're looking for?


Once you've established your business brand and want to look for customers, it's important to be visible where they expect you to be, but sometimes you need that small kickstart.

Graphic Design

Whether its digital booklets, social graphics, or any bespoke design ideas you have, I can support with my access to industry-standard design software.


Not everything needs to be online, there is still the market for printed merchandise or promotional material, I can help to source and design and content you need.

Who we've helped so far...

Whether you're a startup business, Instagram influencer, looking to rebrand, or just looking for marketing advice, we can help you in one way or another. Feel free to take a look at some of our current clients or get in touch if you have any questions.

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