Langton Landscaping


The Requirement

As a brand new business, Langton Landscaping needed a full branding and marketing strategy to be created and implemented. Over the period of the month we create and publish a fully-functional website, Facebook and Instagram channels, Google My Business Listings and scheduled in some online advertising campaigns. Throughout an on-going relationship between Startup and Langton Landscaping, we've truly set up a solid foundation for their business to thrive.

Facebook and Instagram channels are optimised and continuously updated to ensure audience engagement is maintained. Since the start of the profiles, they now have over 500 likes/followers
Organic visits to the website range between 30-50 people with an addition 100-140 when accompanied by Gooogle Adwords or Facebook advertising campaigns.
I've supported on a range of merchandise projects, including; van livery, branded notebooks, business cards, and leaflets. These are all important, especially for first impressions with customers.

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