Mind over Marketing

Many of you may be looking at this blog and thinking it’s not for you, however, it is relatable to anything in life. Just stick with me…

Upon recording a recent podcast I found myself answering one of the questions with “marketing is more of a mindset”. I’d never come across this saying before and wondered why I said it, marketing has the perception as being a tool for businesses to improve sales and customer relationships, but I had always seen it as a skill (some sort of magic). But if you break it down, marketing is an empathic process that allows us to envision work in the eyes of someone else (in most cases – customers). Allowing people to critique or praise personal projects and become more self-reflective.

I always questioned why at University we were not being taught the physical skills that would help us to become impressive marketers in the future. But, without realising we were being moulded into critical thinkers because the toughest part is developing the mindset, the skills can come later down the road. But it has taken me a month or so after graduating to realise this. Looking back now, I left with the ability and understanding of how to be a critical thinker, and the passion to always learn more.

A phrase that is continuously mentioned in my workplace is”every day’s a school day” which sounds generic but the principle of it is spot on. You may not realise or accept that every day when you are having conversions with people you are learning something new, I found that recently with starting a new job I was learning a lot – from my job to teammates. But looking around the office, it’s apparent that everybody has the ability to learn something new or to teach someone something new.

For anybody in the marketing industry, or anybody really, the next time you are faced with a challenge or new opportunity why not take it? It may be difficult but it will be a great character-building exercise and will enable you to say yes to the next step, and so on. It’s not all about standing still with what you have or always looking for the next big thing but in my opinion… it’s all about understanding yourself and developing a critical thinking mindset, and this will enable you to learn the new skill in the future, but the fundamentals will always have to come first.

In regards to fundamentals, it is essential that you understand how you need to have a balance between mindset and technical tools. After researching this area in more depth, I came across the M3 Model, which basically showcases all of the factors and skills today’s marketers need to be successful. I definitely recommend you read it if you are interested and want to learn more about the mentality and skills needed to thrive.

Key skills and mentalities that people need to develop is an expansive list, but there are a few (in my opinion) that stand out more than others. First of all, collaboration is essential, because the majority of marketing departments are more than one person at a computer, they are teams with different personalities and ideas all working together to meet an equilibrium on a project. Creativity, leading on from the first factor, because this will help you improve your critical thinking, it will allow you to think out of the box and produce something completely unique. The final characteristic that is beneficial is agility, this may seem odd but it basically means you are able to change to market changes or shift your POV when needed, especially with the ever-changing consumer perceptions and knowledge. The 3 ‘skills’ mentioned are easier said than done, there is no lecture that can truly prepare you for these skills, the only way is to actually get on with it and develop them yourself.

To put this into practice, I always wanted to create a blog but never knew what content would be good to write and for others to read. But here it is. I doubt loads of people will read this but for me, it will allow me to: improve my standard of English, improve my web design skills, improve my knowledge in the marketing industry and improve my mindset.

See, if you read the last sentence back again, the key denominator is ‘to improve’. I haven’t lost anything by doing this blog but it opens up the opportunity to improve. The mindset is now there, it is time to master marketing.