Capturing Content

For me, marketing is more than just promoting someone else’s content or ideas. It’s about developing your own and have the ability and confidence to share them. That’s why one of my main hobbies is filming and photography, it may seem to some people that you need to live in the moment and you shouldn’t hide behind your phone or camera, but for me, being able to visually relive those memories on demand is amazing.

I have a passion for creating holiday videos and love the fact that I can re-visit the holiday’s on-demand from my YouTube Channel, this has become a tradition from all of my holidays. Also, to help Lauren grow her Instagram account we are fond of grabbing the camera and going for a nice walk, it gives us a reason to go to nice places and we make the most of our time together. My first experience of doing a commercial video was when we stayed at Wooldown, a luxury retreat in Bude, and Lauren and I filmed our experience for our anniversary and Wooldown loved the video and asked if they could use it on their website for promotion. I never intended for them to use it in that way and it wasn’t the reason why I did create it, but it opened my eyes to how creating content could help me and benefit me in the future.

However, capturing then content is only half the battle. What do you do with the content and how do you make them easily accessible for everyone else to re-visit. For me, having a personal YouTube was the best thing to do. Whether your videos are public or private, it doesn’t matter because you have the channel of your videos that you can access anytime to relive those memories.

A key thing to consider though is what you do with the footage and videos initially after you’ve recorded it because I have recently experienced a very frustrating thing. I was planning on making a holiday video on the holiday of a lifetime and was delaying it until I got my new laptop, to help me make the best video, and upon resetting my old laptop and loading up and my new one there was an assumption made. I forgot to double-check the files on my hard drive and accidentally lost all of the footage from our best holiday yet. So make sure you capture great content, and please make sure you back it up.

The methods for me to capture memories is through the use of my Go-Pro, camera, and iPhone. These may seem basic and standard but if you think about it they complement one another perfectly. A Go-Pro allows you to capture those spontaneous moments or thrill moments where you can forget your filming and just enjoy the activities, you camera can allow you to take the one ‘wow’ photograph – may be the one you’d put into frame and an iPhone because it’s the most accessible and easiest device to share your content with others, you can simply share your memories straight away.

Here is an example of one of my holiday videos filmed on my Go Pro Hero 5.