Anti-Social Media

Social media has become such an empowering tool in our lives, giving us the ability to connect with anybody around the world instantaneously, the ability to learn anything in a matter of minutes and last of all it has given everybody a voice and more importantly a platform to express their opinions – you can be the judge to if that is good or not.

I’ve recently been questioning whether or not social media is actually good for us, does it make us more anti-social, by wasting more time on our phones instead of being social with people in a physical sense. I previously mentioned in my “Capturing Content” article that capturing great memories is a good thing, which I stand by, but being always on your phone and missing out on interactions with people can be an issue. In order to counteract this, a good idea is to reduce the amount of time or energy you invest in social media, this isn’t easy (far from it) but disconnecting yourself for a period of time will benefit you and those around you. I came across the following video on YouTube the other day where Ricky Gervais perfectly explained the internet and social media as being graffiti on the wall and how everybody feels the need to express their opinions to everybody, when in fact, most people don’t really care. Take a look for yourself…

However, seeing that social media is used by everything body means that businesses and individuals cannot simply stop using it,  especially if they are dependant on their Facebook page to attract new customers. But it’s just important to understand why you are using social media, are you using it to be more social? gain more business? show off to others? or looking for influence from others. But,  having a purpose to use the channel is essential and making sure you are fulfilling it then carry on what you are doing but, for those who aren’t, just consider what you could be doing instead of pointlessly scrolling down Facebook with no purpose.

I’ve tried to remove myself from social media but the issue of FOMO arises, “yeah, if I quit social media I will miss out on…” this excuse is number one for anyone trying to contemplate quitting social media, if you find yourself using this as an excuse, you need to take a step back. You will be part of more meaningful relationships and attend more engaging events without the need for a Facebook or Instagram account. The first step is to simply remove the apps from your phone or only set specific times of the day where you can go onto Facebook or Instagram, else you will find yourself wasting time from hours a day to months a year.

This issue is directly related to the amount of time everyone spends on their phones, everywhere you look people will be on their phone. But I’d guess around 80% of them will be scrolling down Instagram or liking posts on Facebook if you remove that temptation from your device you will find yourself appreciating other things.